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More than projects were discussed in these mobile games, and players could get a glimpse of the potential ramifications of their decisions. Adidas, for example, enables consumers to download photos of its popular athletes, such as soccer star David Beckham, and digitally superimpose their own photographs on those images.

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Some music companies allow people access to a portfolio of cell-phone downloads including ring tones and wallpaper that leverage certain artists and their songs. They spelled a word, the app converted the word to points, and then converted those points to free Wi-Fi time. For example, one technology standard that is important for the widespread use of multimedia mobile communications is WiMax, developed by Intel Corp.

A strategy in which the brand becomes a mobile portal to the wireless Web and an aggregator of value-added content can lead to a high level of customer personalization. Customers get their order without having to wait in line.

And it follows that, as more and more people migrate to wireless communication platforms, they could become increasingly difficult to reach with traditional advertising and promotional methods. We can choose when we watch, where we watch, what we watch and how we watch.

Further, the usage characteristics of cell phones versus other devices are quite different. Those retailers can then track the redemption rate of those coupons. Beside this monumental strength in numbers, individuals are also a lot mightier than they used to be when it comes to mobile content.

Consumers using the app had four days to claim their free pint. There are numerous sources for information about the prospects for emerging technology standards such as WiMax.

In the future, cell phones will likely be able to read the radio-frequency identification tags on items in stores, including clothes, shoes and sporting equipment. This draws on the concept of viewing marketing communications efforts as an investment rather than an expense.

Adidas competes in a highly competitive market and occupies a position behind the industry leader, Nike Inc. Even in developed countries, we see a rise in cord-cutters and cord-shavers among traditional audiences.

The company also developed an applet that could be downloaded to a mobile phone to provide real-time scores and other information about the soccer matches. The growing popularity of cell phones and other hand-held mobile devices has opened up new marketing possibilities.

Brand in the Hand: Mobile Marketing at Adidas Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Before companies rush into this new marketing arena, though, they need to understand some fundamental issues. The unique advantage of the mobile platform is that these dialogues and the resulting brand-consumer relationships can be forged at a more personalized and contextual level.

Each time it rained, the brewery gave away 1, pints. The app lets consumers make their daily purchase with one tap, shows them how to get to their closest Starbucks store on a map, and takes care of the payment through pre-purchased Starbucks mobile credit by the time they walk into the store to pick up their order.

Or that an entire country could use ubiquitous mobile phones to gamify the experience of running a town on their tiny little mobile computers? Indeed, the combination of the Internet and hand-held mobile devices is making possible a whole new array of marketing applications and offerings.

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A few years ago, mobile technology and its widespread use started disrupting many industries. Consequently, one solution might be a stepped approach. Television and, to a lesser extent, print remain the most effective advertising vehicles for reaching the masses, and a mobile campaign that avoids these platforms could easily suffer from diminished reach.Brand in hand 1.


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Alex Dorward, Liam McGean, MatthewMUKERJI Tomlinson, Yixi Yao 2. Manager for global media for Adidas International is responsible for developing and advocating a new marketing strategy called Adidas "brand in hand" which, through the convergence of mobile phones and wireless Internet.

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The growing popularity of cell phones and other hand-held mobile devices has opened up new marketing possibilities. advertisement Mobile marketing is the most personal medium available.

Brand in the Hand: Mobile Marketing at Adidas Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

3 Mobile Marketing • Definition: Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enable organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.

The global media manager for Adidas International is responsible for the development and advocates of a new marketing strategy at Adidas as a “brand in the hand”, and the wireless Internet is based on the convergence of mobile phones.

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The brand in the hand mobile
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