A biography of grace murray hopper an inventor of the first computer

She was now completely hooked on computer programming, turning down a full professorship offer from Vassar to continue to work at Harvard as a research fellow under a Navy contract. Hopper now envisioned a computer that could program itself.

The Extraordinary Life of the 'Queen of Code': A Grace Hopper Biography

As the third person to have the opportunity to work on this machine, Hopper dove in and learned to program it and, in the process, authored a page manual of operations that would lay down lasting principles for computer operation.

Although her marriage was dissolved at this point, and though she had no children, she did not resume her maiden name. Grace separated from her husband. Two years later, two significant things happened: Hopper died on January 1, and was buried with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery.

They come to me, you know, and say, 'Do you think we can do this? She continued to serve in the Navy Reserve. The company was the brainchild of J. Struggles and Strategies to At the time of her retirement, she was the oldest active-duty commissioned officer in the United States Navy 79 years, eight months and five daysand had her retirement ceremony aboard the oldest commissioned ship in the United States Navy years, nine months and 23 days.

Grace Hopper

Aiken and Benjamin M. Inage 16, she spent a year at Hartridge School, a strictly-run boarding school in New Jersey. Inventor,Computer sciences man of the year 5 votes so far Email Print Computer pioneer and mathematician Grace Murray Hopper is best known for her invention of Flow-Matic, the first compiler - software that translates instructions written in English into machine language for the target computer.

The UNIVAC was the first known large-scale electronic computer to be on the market inand was more competitive at processing information than the Mark I.

The computer would take instructions written in a human-friendly language and translate them into machine code. However, it presented her with extraordinary opportunities to contribute to the early development of computing machines.

Given her mathematical background, Hopper was assigned to the Bureau of Ordnance Computation Project at Harvard University, where she learned to program a Mark I computer. Finally, they discovered the source of the issue: In the s she created the first compiler, the system that allows to program in plain English rather than numerical machine code, and co-developed the commercial computer language COBOL.

Starting inHopper began teaching at Vassar while also continuing to study at Yale, where she earned a Ph. She was awarded the National Medal of Technology in —becoming the first female individual recipient of the honor.

Hopper was a goodwill ambassador in her primary activity in this capacity. She was one of the first software engineers and, indeed, one of the most incisive strategic "futurists" in the world of computing.

She joined the Naval Reserve after applying successfully for a waiver on her weight. As a result, business and government began to see computers as a practical and worthwhile tool. When the post of commodore was merged with that of rear admiral, two years later, she became Admiral Hopper.Grace Brewster Murray Hopper ( – ), nee Grace Brewster Murray, was an American computer scientist and United States Navy rear fmgm2018.comer programmer Grace Hopper helped develop a compiler that was a precursor to the widely used COBOL language and became a rear admiral in the U.S.

Navy. Naval officer and computer scientist developed the first working compiler and led the effort in the s to develop COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language) a programming language still in use. Hopper 's. Biography.

Grace Murray Hopper

Grace Hopper was born Grace Brewster Murray, the oldest of three children. Grace Murray Hopper spent. Grace Murray Hopper, American Navy officer, mathematician, and pioneer in data processing, born in New York City and educated at Vassar College and at Yale University.

An associate professor of mathematics at Vassar, In Grace Brewster Murray married Vincent Foster Hopper. Rear Admiral Grace Hopper was a pioneer in the development of computer languages.

Grace Hopper

She played an essential role in the development and standardization of COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language), which led to wide-spread use of computers in business, governmental, and science applications.

Hopper. Grace Murray Hopper The Compiler The achievements of Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, which include, most notably, the invention of the compiler, cemented her place at the forefront of the computing revolution that began in the early s.

Admiral “Amazing Grace” Hopper, pioneering computer programmer

Grace Hopper, Grace Brewster Murray-Hopper in full, was a trailblazing computer science pioneer and if that wasn't enough, a highly accomplished naval officer who reached the rank of Rear Admiral.

A biography of grace murray hopper an inventor of the first computer
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